Louis de Bourbon,
Count of Vendôme


Louis de BOURBON (* 1376, 1446), Count of Vendôme, Chartres, La Marche, Lord of Mondoubleau, Épernon, Rémalard. Second son of Jean de Bourbon, Count of La Marche ( 1393), and Catherine, Countess of Vendôme and Chartres ( 1412). Married 1° in 1414 Blanche de Roucy ( 1421); 2 ° in 1424 Jeanne de Laval ( 1468). Grand Chamberlain in 1408, High Steward of France in 1413. One of six lay peers for the Charles VII's coronation, replacing the Duke of Guyenne. Takes title of Count of La Marche at the death of his elder brother Jacques de Bourbon (1370-1438), Count of La Marche and Castres, Prince of Tarente, husband of Jeanne II, queen of Naples and Sicily. Dies on December 21, 1446. Buried in the collegiate church Saint-Georges de Vendôme.

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Coat of arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th Azure, three fleur-de-lis Or, a bend Gules with three lioncels Argent (Bourbon-La Marche), 2nd and 3rd Argent, a chief Gules, a lion Azure overall (Vendôme). Crest: the double fleur-de-lis of France Or, wreath Argent and Gules, mantling Azure doubled Gules.