Teodoro da Valperga
called Théaulde de Valpergue


Téodoro da VALPERGA (called in French: Théaulde or Théobald of Valpergue) ( c.1461 / 62). This Italian captain arrived in France in 1423 with two hundred and fifty men at arms along with his brothers Antoine and Boniface (or Barnabé). He became the King's Councilor and chamberlain. On October 25th, 1428 he and his Lombard contingent arrived in Orléans to follow the Bastard of Orléans. He distinguished himself at the battle of Patay by taking Thomas Guerard prisoner. It is possible that in May of 1430 he is still with Joan in Compiègne. He fought at the battle of Castillon in 1453 and for the resumption of Bordeaux where he becomes the captain of the Fort of Hâ in this town. In 1459, he became captain of Lectoure, and he replaced his brother Boniface, governor, mayor and captain-general of Bayonne. He died some time between 1461 and 1462.




Coat of arms: Barry Gules and Or seven pieces, a plant of hemp Vert with flowers Argent put 1.2. Crest: an ibex proper in a coronet Or, mantled Gules doubled Or.