Pierre de Rochefort
Marshal of France


Pierre de Rieux alias ROCHEFORT (* 1389, 1439), Lord of Acérac, Derval, Lorieuc, Largouët, Herbignac and Yeux Island. Born in Ancenis on September 1389. Younger son of Jean de Rieux ( 1417) and of Jeanne de Rochefort ( 1423), Baroness of Ancenis and Viscountess of Donges. Squire of the duke of Brittany in 1403, captain of Saint-Malo in 1415, and marshal of France in 1417. Contributed to breaking the siege of Orleans. Steered the campaign of Normandy in 1435 and reconquers the country of Caux in 1437. Returning towards Paris, take prisoner by Guillaume de Flavy in Compiègne, in 1438. Starved to death in the fort of Nesle-en-Tardenois.


Coat of arms: Azure, 10 bezants put (Rieux); the Rochefort's coat of arms were vairy Or and Azure. Crest: an eagle eployed Azure beaked and armed Or, mantling Azure doubled Or.