André de Rambures

André II, Lord of RAMBURES († 1449) was the son of David de Rambures, Master of the Crossbowmen. David de Rambures was killed at Agincourt (1415) with his other three sons. André de Rambures married Péronne de Créquy. The Rambures' castle, in Picardy, rest a French place into the English territory in France.

Captain of the Aumale's castle, in Normandy, he was captured when the English take this place and then he was not killed at Agincourt as his brothers. He was prisoner during five or six years in England. He arrived in Orleans the 29th April 1429 with the supply column and Joan of Arc.

He was killed in 1449 at the siege of Pont-Audemer, in Normandy.

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Coat-of-arms: Or 3 fesses Gules (Rambures), an inescutcheon parted a. chequy Or and Gules (Auxy, by his mother), b. Azure 2 fesses Argent (Marigny, by an ancestress). Crest: a greyhound's heads in a vol.