Bernard d'Armagnac,
Count of Pardiac


Bernard VIII d'ARMAGNAC ( c. 1462), Count of Pardiac in 1429. As a friend of the Constable of Richemont, he accompanied him at the battle of Patay, on the 18th June, 1429. He was the second son of Bernard VII ( 1418), constable of France, and of Bonne de Berry ( 1435). He married in 1429 Éléonore de Bourbon, Duchess of Nemours ( 1464), daughter of Jacques de Bourbon, Count of La Marche and Castres. Bernard VIII d'Armagnac later became the Count of La Marche, lieutenant-général in his county and governor of Limousin (1441), lieutenant-général in Languedoc and Roussillon (1461). His eldest brother ( c. 1450), Jean IV Count of Armagnac, was in the anglo-burgundian'party. Bernard VIII's son, Jacques Duke of Nemours, was put to death in 1477 by the command of King Louis XI because of a conspiracy with Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy.



Coat of arms: Quarterly, 1 & 4 Argent a lion Gules, 2 & 3 Gules a lion guardant Or, a label Azure overall. Crest (hypothetical colours): a garb Or issuant a barrel Argent in a crown Or, mantling Argent doubled Gules.