André de Laval
Lord of Lohéac


André de LAVAL is the second son of Jean de Montfort († 1415), Lord of Kergolay, called Guy XIII de Laval. He joined the Duke of Alençon's Army after the relief of Orleans, with his eldest brother Guy.  He was at Joan of Arc's side at the siege of Jargeau, at the battle of Patay, to the Coronation in Rheims and at the siege of Paris. Admiral of France in 1437, and Marshal of France in 1439, he was normally called the Lord of Lohéac. The Marshal of Lohéac fought in all the great battles of the final phase of the Hundred Years War. He was victorious with Jacques de Chabannes at the battle of Castillon (1453). He became Lord of Rais when he married Marie, the Gilles de Rais's daughter. He was dispossessed of his office of Marshal in 1437 by the King Louis the 11th, but some years later he became once again Marshal and Admiral. Lieutenant-general of Picardy, he was the defender of the city of Beauvais in 1472 against Charles the Bold ; he would still be at another Joan’s side : "Jeanne Hachette". He died on 29th december 1485.


Armes : d’or à la croix de gueules chargée de cinq coquilles d’argent et cantonnée de seize alérions d’azur, au lambel brochant en chef d’argent à trois pendants chargés chacun de deux mouchetures d’hermine Cimier : un lion de gueules lampassé d’or assis dans un vol d’hermine. Tortil d’or et de gueules, lambrequins d’hermine doublés de gueules.