Jean de Linières
Master of the Kitchen


Jean V de LINIÈRES († after 1432), Baron of Linières or Lignières, Lord of Rezay, Thévé and Brécy. Elder son of Philippe, Baron of Linières, Master of the Kitchen of the King ("Grand Queux de France"), and of Marguerite de Chauvigny. Married Jacqueline de Chambly, Lady of Vaux. Knight, councillor and chamberlain of Charles VI, then of the Dauphin, Master of the Kitchen of the King in 1412. Fought at the battles of Jargeau, Meung, Beaugency, and Patay. Died after 1432.




Coat of arms: Gold, a chief Vair, a lion Gules overall. Crest: a dishevelled queen’s head, crowned Or; mantling Or doubled Gules.