Guy Comte de Laval


Guy XIV de LAVAL (* 1406, 1485). Count of Laval, Lord of Vitré, Montfort, Saint-Ouën, La Roche-Bernard, Gâvre and Comper. Born on January 28, 1406. Elder son of Jean de Montfort ( 1415), Lord of Kergolay, become Guy de Laval by his marriage contract with Anne de Laval, the daughter of Jeanne de Laval-Tinténiac, the widow of Bertrand Du Guesclin. Married 1° in 1435 Isabelle de Bretagne ( 1444), the daughter of Jean V Duke of Brittany, 2° Françoise de Dinan, Lady of Châteaubriand, the widow of Gilles de Bretagne. He has joined the army of the duke of Alençon for the campaign on the Loire. One of six lay peers in Charles VII's coronation, replacing the Count of Flanders. Fight at the siege of Paris with Joan of Arc. Lieutenant General of the duchy of Brittany in 1472. Died in December 1485.

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Coat of arms: Gold, five escallops Argent on a cross Gules between sixteen eaglets Azure. Crest: a cap of maintenance Gules turn up Ermine, with a lion's head Gules lampassed Or in a vol Ermine; mantling Ermine doubled Gules.



Vitré's castel (Ille-et-Vilaine)
photo © J.-C. Colrat