Georges de La Trémoïlle
Great Chamberlain of the K


Georges de LA TRÉMOÏLLE (* 1385, 1446). Count of Guînes, Boulogne and Auvergne, Viscount of Thouars, Lord of Sully, Jonvelle and Craon. Second son of Guy de La Trémoïlle ( 1398), Oriflamme standard's bearer, chamberlain of the duke of Burgundy, and of Marie de Sully, Lady of Craon d'Orval. Married 1 ° in 1416 the widow of Jean de Berry ( 1422), Jeanne Countess of Auvergne, Boulogne and Comminges, 2° in 1425 the widow of Pierre de Giac, Catherine de l'Ile-Bouchard ( 1474). Chamberlain of Charles VI then Charles VII, Master of Rivers and Forests, governor of the Dauphiné. Captured at Azincourt but quickly released. Grand chamberlain of the King in 1427. One of six lay peers in Charles VII's coronation, representing the Count of Toulouse. Suspected of treason, he was the object of an attempt of murder to Chinon, in June 1433, withdraws in the Sully's castle. Died on May 6, 1446. Buried in the church of Sully's castle.





Coat of arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th Or, a chevron Gules accompanied with three eaglets Azure beaked and armed Gules (La Trémoïlle), 2nd and 3rd Argent, an eagle Gules beaked and armed Azure (Jonvelle). Crest: an eagle's head Azure beaked Or, surmounted by a feather Gules. Wreath Or and Gules, mantling Azure doubled Or.


Castel of Sully-sur-Loire (Loiret)
photo © J.-C. Colrat