Gilbert Motier de La Fayette
Marshal of France


Gilbert III Motier de LA FAYETTE (* c.1380, † 1464), Lord of La Fayette, Pontgibaud, Ayes, Nébouzac, Saint Roman and Monteil-Gelat. Son of Guillaume Motier de La Faïette or Fayette and of Catherine Brin du Peschin. Married 1° The Dauphine of Montroignon, 2° on January 15, 1423, Jeanne de Joyeuse, daughter of Randon de Joyeuse and of Catherine Aubert, Lady of Monteil-Gelat. Marshal of France on May 20, 1421. Captured to Verneuil in 1424. Fight in Orleans and during the campaign on the Loire, then to the battle of Patay. Receives the surrender of the city of Rouen October 19, 1449. Died on February 23, 1464. Buried in the abbey of La Chaise-Dieu. 


Coat of arms: Gules, a bend Or within a bordure vair. Crest: a horse’s head proper or sometimes a goat’s head. Wreath Argent, Azure and Or, mantled Gules doubled Azure.