Coat-of-arms of Jean de Graville

(Principal information : seal of 1437, armorial Berry Herald, Navarre Herald and Charolais Herald)

Jean Malet de Graville, High Master of Crossbowmen.


Full name :  Jean V Malet de GRAVILLE.

Birth : c. 1390.

Death : 1449.

Titles of nobility : Lord of Graville (Graville-Sainte-Honorine, commune Le Havre, Seine-Maritime), Montaigu (Montaigu-la-Brisette, Manche) and Marcoussis (Essonne).

Official and military functions : knight (1419), Councillor and Chamberlain of the King, Master of The Bakery (1414),  Grand Falconer (1415), High Master of Crossbowmen (1425), captain of Malesherbes (1427).

Father : Guy Malet, Lord of Graville (killed at Verneuil 1424).

Paternal grandfathers : Robert IV Malet, Lord of Graville ( c. 1395) and Jeanne Bertrand de Bricquebec.

Wife : 1° Jeanne de Bellingues (widow of Renaud de Trie), 2° Jacqueline de Montaigu ( 1436), widow of Jean de Craon, daughter of Jean de Montaigu, Vidame of Laon, Lord of Marcoussis, grand treasurer of the King Charles VI ( 1409) and Jacqueline de La Grange.

Descendance : from 1st marriage : Marie ; from 2nd marriage : Jean VI de Graville, Charles and Louise ; illegitimate: Jean bastard of Malet.

Shield-of-arms : Gules , 3 buckles Or.

Crest: a buckle Or. Mantling Gules doubled Or, twistle Or and Gules.

Presence at the side of Joan of Arc in  : Orleans, Jargeau, Meung, Beaugency, Patay, Reims, Paris.

Comments : Jean V Malet, Lord of Graville, Montaigu and Marcoussis. Son of Guy Malet, Lord of Graville, killed at Verneuil (1424). Married 1° Jeanne de Bellingues, 2° Jacqueline de Montaigu ( 1436), the Jean de Craon's widow. King's councillor, chamberlain, Grand Falconer, later Master of The Bakery. High Master of Crossbowmen (1425, 1st August). General Commander of the archers and crossbowmen to the relief of Orleans. One of the hostages of the Sacred Ampoule at the Coronation in Reims. Fought with the Maid to the siege of Paris.