Coat-of-arms of Jean Bastard of Orléans

(Principal information : seal of 1429, 1437, 1438, 1444, armorial Berry Herald, Père Anselme's chronicles, "Manuel du blason" by D. Galbreath)

Miniature by J.C. Colrat from a portrait c.1450.

Châteaudun's castle (Eure-et-Loir)
photo © I. Guénon

Jean Bastard of Orleans (Later Count of Dunois).


Full name : Jean, Bastard of ORLÉANS (Count of DUNOIS in 1439).

Nickname : "le Beau Dunois", "le Restaurateur de la Patrie".


Birth : April 18, 1403 (or 1402) in Beauté-sur-Marne's Castle.

Death : November 23, 1468 in L'Haÿ-les-Roses' Castle (buried in Notre-Dame de Cléry's Basilica).

Titles of nobility : Count of Mortain (1424), Porcien (1428), Périgord end Gien (1430), Dunois (1439) end Longueville (1443), Viscount of Saint-Sauveur, baron of Parthenay, Lord of Valbonnais (1421), Fallavier (1422), La Ferté-Vineuil, Romorantin (1430), Châteaurenault, Fréteval, Marchenoir, Beaugency, Cléry (1439), Bouteville, Vouvant and other places.

Official and military functions : Knight in 1421, chamberlain of the Dauphin regent, lieutenant general of the Duke of Orléans (1429), Great chamberlain of the King (1433).

Father : Louis, Duke of Orléans (1371-1407).

Mother : Mariette d'Enghien (legitimate wife of Aubert Le Flamenc, Lord of Cany and Varennes)

Paternal grandfathers : Charles V le Sage (1337-1380), King of France, and Jeanne de Bourbon.

Maternal grandfathers : Jacques d'Enghien.

Wife : 1° 1422 Marie Louvet (daughter of Jean Louvet, Lord of Eygallières, chairman of Provence's Parliament). - 2° 1440 Marie d'Harcourt (1420-1484), Lady of Parthenay, Secondigny, Vouvent, Mervant, Matefelon, Duretal, etc., (daughter of Jacques II d'Harcourt, baron of Montgommery, and Marguerite de Melun, countess of Tancarville).

Descendants : Jean d'Orléans Count of Longueville, François, Marie, Catherine; Jean d'Orléans, bastard of Dunois.

Shield-of-arms : Coat of arms: Azure three fleurs-de-lis Or a label Argent, a sinister bendlet Sable overall (the sinister bendlet was changed with a sinister bend Argent in 1465).

Crest : a unicorn's head Argent armed and mained Or, with a wreath Or and Azure, mantled Azure doubled Or. When he became Count of Dunois, his crest was a ram issant Argent armed Or; as prince royal, he worn also a fleur-de-lis.

Presence at the side of Joan of Arc in  :  Orléans, Jargeau, Meung, Beaugency, Patay, Reims, Paris.

Comments : Jean, Bastard of Orléans, illegitimate son of Louis, Duke of Orleans, and of Mariette d'Enghien. Count of Mortain in Normandy in 1424, Count of Porcien in Réthelois in 1428. Lieutenant General of the Duke of Orleans during the captivity of this one. Raise the siege of Montargis on September 5, 1427. In charge of the defence of the place of Orleans in 1428. Count of Dunois in 1439, Count of Longueville in 1443. Receives from king the title of "Restorer of the Homeland". Buried with his wife in Clery's basilica, where are seeing sculptural coats-of-arms.