Coat-of-arms of Charles de Bourbon

(Principal informations : armorial Berry Herald, armorial Gelre Herald)

harles de Bourbon, Count of Clermont.


Full name : Charles Ier de BOURBON.

Birth : 1401.

Death : December 4, 1456, in Moulins.

Titles of nobility : Count of Clermont (Clermont-sur-Oise, Oise), Auvergne (Cantal et Puy-de-Dôme), Forez (Loire) and L'Isle-Jourdain (Gers), Lord of Beaujolais (Rhône), Les Dombes (Ain) and Combrailles (Puy-de-Dôme), then Duke of Bourbon (Bourbon-L'Archambault, Allier) in 1434.

Official and military functions : Captain general in Languedoc and Guyenne (1420), Lieutenant general in Nivernais, Bourbonnais, Forez, Beaujolais, Lyonnais and Mâconnais (1424), Governor de l'Ile-de-France, Champagne et Brie (1429), High Steward of France (1434).

Father : Jean Ier, Duke of Bourbon (1380-1434).

Mother : Marie de Berry († 1434).

Paternal grandfathers : Louis II de Bourbon (1337-1410) and Anne de Clermont.

Maternal grandfathers : Jean, Duke of Berry († 1416) and Jeanne d'Armagnac († 1387).

Wife : Agnès (1407-1476), daughter of Jean the Fairless, Duke of Bourgogne, and Marguerite de Bavière.

Descendants : 11 children with his wife, and several bastards.

Shield-of-arms : Azure, three fleur-de-lis Or, an indented bend Gules. At the death of his father or maybe even from the captivity of this last one, he takes full coat of arms of Bourbon with the bend not indented.

Crest: the double fleur-de-lis of France Or, either the duke of Bourbon's crest which is a bunch of peacock's feathers Or with eyes Azure in a vat Argent, a coronet Or, mantled Azure doubled Gules.

Presence at the side of Joan of Arc in  : Chinon, Reims, Paris, La Charité et Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier.

Comments : Charles Ier de Bourbon, Count of Clermont (Clermont-sur-Oise), Auvergne, Forez, and L'Isle-Jourdain, Lord of Beaujolais, Dombes and Combrailles, then Duke of Bourbon. Elder son of Jean Ier, Duke of Bourbon (1380-1434), and Marie de Berry († 1434). Married in 1425 Agnès (1407-1476), sister of Philippe the Good, Duke of Burgundy. One of the six lay peers for the Charles VII's coronation, replacing the Duke of Normandy. Duke of Bourbon in 1434 and Grand Chamberlain of France. Dies in his castle of Moulins on December 4, 1456. Buried in the Souvigny's abbey, the churchyard of Bourbon's family.