Coat-of-arms of Pierre d'Amboise

(Principal informations : armorial Berry Herald, "Chroniques" by Père Anselme)

ierre d'Amboise, Lord of Chaumont.


Full name : Pierre d'AMBOISE.


Death : June 28, 1473, in Meillant's Castle (buried in Bourges).

Titles of nobility : Lord of Chaumont (Chaumont-sur-Loire, Loir-et-Cher), Meillant (Cher), Sagonne (Cher), Les Bordes (Indre) and Bussy (Cher).

Official and military functions : King's Councillor (1432), governor of Touraine, chamberlain of Charles VII and Louis XI, ambassador in Rome.

Father : Hugues III d’Amboise Lord of Chaumont (killed at Agincourt, 1415).

Mother : Jeanne Guénand.

Paternal grandfathers : Hugues II d’Amboise and Marguerite de Joinville.

Maternal grandfathers : Guillaume Guénand, Lord of Les Bordes, and Annette d’Amboise, Lady of Maisonfort.

Wife : Anne de Bueil († 1458), daughter of Jean IV de Bueil and Marguerite, dauphine of Auvergne and countess of Sancerre.

Descendants : 17 children, including Charles Ier d’Amboise and Georges (1460–1510), archbishop of Rouen, cardinal, Prime Minister of the King Louis XII.

Shield-of-arms : paled Or and Gules , a bend Azure.

Crest: a wolf's head proper, in a crown Or, mantling Gules doubled Or.

Presence at the side of Joan of Arc in  : relied of Orleans.

Comments : Pierre d'Amboise was the son of Hugues III d'Amboise (killed at Azincourt in 1415) and of Jeanne de Guénand. On 23 August 1428, he married Anne de Bueil († 1458), the daughter of Jean IV de Bueil and of Marguerite, Dauphine of Auvergne and Countess of Sancerre. He arrived at Orleans on 25 October 1428. In January 1429, his company was made of 13 men-at-arms and bowmen. At the end of 1429, he was in the escort of the convoy carrying foods to Orleans with Joan of Arc. Lord of Chaumont-sur-Loire, Meillant, Sagonne, Les Bordes and Bussy, Pierre d'Amboise was councillor of the King in 1432, governor of Touraine, chamberlain of Charles VII and of Louis XI who made him ambassador at Rome. He died of 28 June 1473 in his castle of Meillant. His wife give him 17 children, one of them was Georges (1460-1510), bishop of Montauban, archbishop of Narbonne and Rouen, cardinal and Prime Minister of Louis XII.