Coat-of-arms of Bertrand de Dinan

(Principal informations : armorial  Gelre Herald, armorial  Berry Herald, "Nobiliaire et armorial de Bretagne" by P. Potier de Courcy)

ertrand de Dinan, Lord of Chateaubriand.


Full name : Bertrand de DINAN.


Death : may 21, 1444.


Titles of nobility : Lord of Châteaubriand, Les Huguetières and Châteauceaux.

Official and military functions : marshal of Brittany, lieutenant and captain general of Anjou and Maine (1425).

Father : Charles de Dinan († 1418).

Mother : Jeanne de Beaumanoir.

Paternal grandfathers : Roland V de Dinan († 1364) and Jeanne de Craon.

Maternal grandfathers : Jean de Beaumanoir († 1366/67) and Marguerite de Rohan.

Wife : 1° 1409 Marie de Surgères, 2° 1434 Jeanne countess of Harcourt († 1456).

Descendants : without.

Shield-of-arms : Quarterly, 1st and 4th Gules, a fess of four pieces Ermine, and six roundels Ermine put 3.3 (Dinan), 2nd and 3rd Gules semy fleurs-de-lys Or (Châteaubriand).

Crest: a vol Ermine doubled Gules on a chapeau Gules turn up Ermine, mantled Ermine doubled Gules.

Motto : « Hary avant ».

Presence at the side of Joan of Arc in  : Patay.

Comments : Bertrand de Dinan, Lord of Chateaubriand, Les Huguetières and Chateauceaux, was the forth son of Charles de Dinan, Lord of Montafilan († 1418) and of his third wife, Jeanne de Beaumanoir, daughter of the hero of the 'Fight of the Thirty', Jean de Beaumanoir. Marshal of Brittany, captain-general of Anjou and Maine in 1425, accompanied the Constable of France, Richemont, to the battle of Patay, on June 18, 1429, with his brother Jacques de Dinan, Lord of Beaumanoir. Married Marie de Surgères in 1409, then Jeanne d'Harcourt in 1434. Without posterity. Died on May 21, 1444