Coat-of-arms of Regnault de Chartres

(Principal informations : seal 1417, 1432 and 1435, armorial Berry Herald, "Armorial équestre de la Toison d'Or", "Dictionnaire" by Jougla de Morenas, "Chroniques" by Père Anselme)

Regnault de Chartres, Archbishop of Reims.


Full name : Regnault de CHARTRES.


Death : avril 4,  1444 in Tours.

Titles of nobility : duke archbishop of Reims (Haute-Marne).

Official and military functions : archbishop of Reims (1414), chamberlain of the anti-pope John the 23rd, Great Chancellor of France (1428), governor of Île-de-France (1429), archbishop of Embrun (1432), Agde (1436), bishop of Orleans (1439), cardinal (1440), bishop of Mende (1444).

Father : Hector de Chartres, Lord of Lyons-en-Beauvaisis († 1418).


Mother : Blanche de Nesle.

Paternal grandfathers :
Jean de Chartres and Marie L'Étendard.

Maternal grandfathers : Jean de Nesle and Ade de Mailly.

Shield-of-arms : Quarterly, 1st and 4th Azure, a cross Argent between four fleur-de-lis (archbishopric of Reims), 2nd and 3rd quartered, a) and d) Argent, two fesses Gules (Chartres), b) and c) Gules crusily with two bars Or (Clermont-Nesle).

Crest: helmet of the archbishop of Reims, damasquined Argent, orned with emeralds.

Presence at the side of Joan of Arc in  : Chinon, Poitiers, Orléans, Reims.

Comments : Regnault de Chartres, Duke and archbishop of Reims. Born to Ons-en-Bray, son of Hector de Chartres, Lord of Lyons-en-Beauvaisis (beheaded in Paris in 1418), and of his second wife, Blanche de Nesle. Blanche de Nesle was also the mother of Guillaume de Flavy, thus making Regnault his half brother. In 1414 the Archbishop of Reims was Chamberlain of the (false) Anti-pope John the 23rd. He was temporarily named Grand chancellor of France in 1424. This position was made permanent in1428. He participated in the Orleans military leaders council. After the coronation in Reims, he was granted temporal governorship over the reconquered provinces. Archbishop of Embrun in 1432, of Agde in 1436, then bishop of Orleans in 1439 and names cardinal this same year, finally bishop of Mende in 1444. Dies on April 4, 1444 in Tours.