Coat-of-arms of Guichard Bourbel

(Principal informations : seal xxx

uichard Bournel or Guichard of Thiembronne


Full name : xxx


Nickname : xxx

Birth : xxx.

Death : xxx.

Titles of nobility : xxx

Official and military functions : xxx

Father : xxx


Mother : xxx

Paternal grandfathers :

Maternal grandfathers : xxx

Wife : xxx

Descendants : xxx

Shield-of-arms : Argent an inescutcheon barry Vert and Ermine (Bauchain), accosted of 8 popinjays (parrots). Vert beaked and legged (Bournel). Crest: a popinjay displayed Vert beaked and legged Gules, mantled Argent doubled Gules.

Crest : xxx

Motto :

Presence at the side of Joan of Arc in  : xxx

Comments : Guichard BOURNEL ( 1465), Lord of Namps and Puisieux , then of Thiembronne after the death of his eldest brother. 3rd son of Hue Bournel and Alips de Bauchain. Married Jeanne de Wissocq (9 children). On September 8, 1429, he took part in the attack on Saint-Honoré gate, Paris. He came to the aid of Joan of Arc after she was wounded, and carried her to the read for her safety. In May 1430 he was Captain of the town of Soissons. Unfortunately he betraying the cause of Charles VII by selling the city to Jean of Luxembourg for 4 000 écus.