Coat-of-arms of Pierre de Beauveau.

(Principal information : seal of 1418, armorial Le Blancq, "Dictionnaire de la noblesse")

Pierre de Beauveau.


Full name : Pierre de BEAUVEAU.


Death : 1435.

Titles of nobility : Lord of Beauveau (Maine-et-Loire), Champigny (Maine-et-Loire) and La Rajace.

Official and military functions : chamberlain of Louis II d’Anjou, governor of Anjou and Maine, seneschal of Anjou and Provence.

Father : Jean de Beauveau, governor of Tarente (Italy).


Mother : Jeanne Lady of Tigny.

Wife :
Jeanne de Craon († 1421), widow of Ingerger d'Amboise, Lors of Rochecorbon, daughter of Pierre de Craon, Lord of La Ferté Bernard.

Shield-of-arms : Argent four lions Gules armed, langued and crowned Or.

Crest: An boar's head Sable, with a wreath Argent and Gules, mantling Argent doubled Gules.

Presence at the side of Joan of Arc in  : Jargeau, Meung, Beaugency, Patay, Reims.

Comments : Pierre, Lord of Beauveau, Champigny and La Rajace, was Duke of Anjou's banner-bearer and chamberlain.

Pierre de Beauveau fought perhaps at Orléans. It is certain that he was to the Coronation of Charles VII with Joan of Arc. He sends a letter to the Queens Marie d'Anjou and Yolande d'Aragon to relate this ceremony. He married Jeanne de Craon.