Coat-of-arms of Robert de Baudricourt

(Principal information : seal of 1431, armorial Berry Herald)

obert de Baudricourt, Captain of Vaucouleurs.


Full name : Robert de BAUDRICOURT.

Death : between February and August 1454.

Titles of nobility : Lord of Baudricourt (Vosges), Blaise (Haute-Marne), Buxy (Marne) and Sorcy (Meurthe-et-Moselle).

Official and military functions : captain of Vaucouleurs (1415), councillor and chamberlain of King René d'Anjou, knight (between 1428 and 1430), bailli of Chaumont (1437), governor of Pont-ŕ-Mousson.

Father : Liébaud de Baudricourt († c. 1400).

Mother : Marguerite d'Aunoy, Lady of Blaise.

Wife : 1° Catherine de Chancey, 2° 1425, Aléarde de Chambley, daughter of Ferry Lord of Chambley.

Descendants : five children, including Jean, marshal of France († 1499), married Anne de Beaujeu (widow of Marshal de Culant), and Catherine, married Geoffroy de Saint-Belin.

Shield-of-arms : Or a lion Sable, crowned, lampassed and armed Gules. 

Crest : a lion’s head Or lampassed Gules in a vol Sable, a wreath Or and Sable, mantled Or doubled Sable.

Presence at the side of Joan of Arc in  : Vaucouleurs

Comments : Robert, Lord of Baudricourt, Blaise, Buxy and Sorcy, was Captain of Vaucouleurs, royal place in duchy of Bar from which raised the Domrémy's village. He give an escort to Joan of Arc to joins the Dolphin in Chinon. Councillor and chamberlain of René d'Anjou, he died between February and August 1454.