Coat-of-arms of Baretta

(Principal information : "Aarmorial général" by Rietstap)

artholomeo Baretta.


Full name : Bartholomeo BARETTA (in French: Barthélémy BARETTE).

Shield-of-arms : Or, a beret Sable. 

Crest : Three feathers, one Or and two Sable, with a wreath Or and Sable, mantling Or doubled Sable.

Presence at the side of Joan of Arc in  : Lagny, Compiègne.

Comments : Bartholomeo BARETTA may have been a native of Bergame. He came to the aid of the Dauphin as part of the first Lombard contingents in 1422. Baretta - alias Barthélémy Barette - entered Orléans on October 25, 1428 with the Italian reinforcements that came from the town of Vendôme. From then on, he participated in all the military operations to defend and free Orleans. He was present in Compiègne where in May, 1430. His company was a part of the Lagny's garrison that was under Joan of Arc's command that took part in the disastrous sortie of May 23rd where Joan would be captured. Being Joan's second in command, Baretta headed the rearguard, because of this position in the field he and his men were able to enter the city before Flavy ordered the drawbridge raised. Bartholomeo Baretta fight in the service of the French at Touraine and in Normandy, in 1448 and 1449.