Coat-of-arms of Thibaut de Termes

(Principal information : armorial  Berry Herald)

Thibaut d'Armagnac or Thibaut de Termes


Full name : Thibault or Théobald d’ARMAGNAC, aka Termes or Thermes.

Birth : 1405.

Death : 1457.

Official and military functions : Bailli of Chartres (1432-1457), captain of Dreux (1444), lieutenant of the Count of Dunois in Harfleur (1455).

Father : Jean IV d’Armagnac, Lord of Termes.

Paternal grandfathers : Jean III d’Armagnac de Termes et Jeanne de Corneillan.

Shield-of-arms : Argent a lion Gules, probably a label Azure

Presence at the side of Joan of Arc in  : Orléans, Jargeau, Meung, Beaugency, Patay, Reims.

Comments : Thibaut d'Armagnac, usually called Thibaut de Termes, is born in 1405 in Termes's castle (Termes-d'Armagnac, Gers). He was the second son of Jean IV d'Armagnac, Lord of Termes.

With Jean, bastard of Orléans, he received Jeanne of Arc the 29th April 1429 in front of the city of Orléans besieged. He fought with the Maid at Orléans, Jargeau, Patay, and accompanied the King to the coronation in Reims. Captain of Dreux in 1444, lieutenant of the count of Dunois at Harfleur 1455, he became Bailli of Chartres since 1432 to his death in 1457 in this town.