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Battle of the Herrings
15th-c. miniature

A lot of captains fought with the Maid at a given time in the Joan of Arc's epic. Some were great officers of the King, such as Marshal Gilbert de La Fayette or the Master of Crossbowmen Jean de Graville; others came from upper aristocracy, such as the Count of Clermont or the Count of Laval; there were also professional captains who came from humble background, such as Ambroise de Loré, and foreign captains, such as Teodoro da Valperga. And many others...

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Albret Amboise (1) Amboise (2) Armagnac (1) Armagnac (2) Baretta Beauveau
Bellier Bessonneau Bourbon (1) Bourbon (2) Bourbon (3) Bournel Bueil
Chabannes Chartres Chauvigny Dinan (1) Dinan (2) Foucault Gamaches
Giresme Graville Harcourt Kermoysan La Fayette La Tour d'Auv. La Trémoïlle
  Laval (1) Laval (2) Linières Loré Penmarc'h  
Poitiers Rambures Rochefort Valperga