Fantastic Crests of the Middle Ages :

The Stag's Antlers


The noble spirit of this animal has been venerated throughout time.  The ancient Greeks considered it sacred, especially to those who were dedicated to Artemisia or Diana.  The pagans considered it a symbol of masculine sexual prowess because of its fierce sexual activity during the matting season.

In Christian times the stage became associated with the spiritual concept of regeneration and resurrection. It was said that the stag could kill snakes and thus it symbolized Christ’s victor over Satan. The Stag is most closely associated with Saint Herbert of Liège.  It is said that while hunting St. Herbert was confronted by a white stag bearing a cross between its antlers.

It is thus quite natural for us to used this animal for the crest, more generally only the antlers.

Louis de Coutes chose stag’s antlers for his crest.  The colour that I have chosen, Gold, is only representational because his seal does not enable researchers, such as myself, to know it's exact colour. But the gold colour was frequently used by nobility of de Coutes rank (coat-of-arms : Argent a lion Sable the tail forked, armed and lampassed Gules, with three mullets Sable).