Small chronology
of the
Joan of Arc's epic


Reconstitution of Joan of Arc's standard
(J.-C. Colrat)

The military epic of Joan of Arc is an important episode of the final phase of the Hundred Years War (since the death of Charles VI to the battle of Castillon). It lasted on about one year, from April 1429 (arrived in Orleans) till May 1430 (arrest in Compiègne).

October 21, 1422 King Charles VI died. - His eldest son proclaim king of France himself as Charles VII.
October 12, 1428 The Earl of Salisbury lays siege to Orleans (Siege of Orleans).
October 25, 1428. The first French troops, commanded by the Bastard of Orleans, with famous captains among whom Jacques de Chabannes, arrived in Orleans.
January 1429 Joan of Arc goes to Vaucouleurs to meet Robert de Baudricourt.
February 12, 1429 Disaster of the " Battle of the Herrings " where the Orleans’s army is decimated (Battle of the Herrings).
February 22, 1429 Departure of Joan from Vaucouleurs to Chinon.
March 6, 1429 Joan meets the "Dauphin" (Charles VII) in Chinon. She is staying at the Guillaume Bellier 's suite.
April 5, 1429 Joan is in Tours where a suit of armour and a banner are made for her. Her household is established with a squire (Jean d'Aulon) and two pages (Louis de Coutes and Raymond).
April 21, 1429 Joan is led to Blois where she met the additionnal troops for Orleans under Gilles de Rais 's command.
April 27, 1429 The army quitted Blois, escorting an important supplying convoy.
April 29, 1429


The army arrives in front of the besieged city. Joan meets the Bastard of Orleans, who is accompanied with Nicolas de Giresme. The convoy of foods is loaded on barges opposite Chécy and goes across the river Loire to Orleans. Under cover of night, Joan enters into Orleans by the Burgundy gate and goes to live there in Jacques Boucher's house, duke of Orleans’s treasurer.
May 4 , 1429 The main part of the royal army, commanded by the marschal of Boussac, arrives from Blois and enters into Orleans.
May 4, 1429 In the evening, the Orleans’s troops attack and take the Bastille of Saint-Loup.
May 5, 1429 Truce of the Ascension Day.
May 6, 1429 Attack and storming of the Bastille of the Augustins.
May 7, 1429 Attack and storming of the Bastille of the Tourelles. Joan is wounded. In the evening, she enters in the city victoriously.
May 8, 1429. The English raise the siege of Orleans.
May 9, 1429 Joan joins the King in Tours.
Beginning of June, 1429 An army assembles at Selles-sur-Cher commanded by Jean d'Alençon. The event is told in Guy de Laval's letter to his mother (The Loire Valley Campaign).
June 12, 1429 Storming of the city of Jargeau by Alençon and Joan of Arc; there a « Sire du Lude » is killed.
June 15, 1429 Storming of Meung-sur-Loire's bridge.
June 17, 1429 Beaugency's liberation.
June 18, 1429 Victory of Patay, by means of the Bretons of the Constable of France, Arthur de Bretagne, Earl of Richmond (Battle of Patay).
June 24, 1429 The army assembles to Gien to accompany the King in Reims for its Coronation ( March to Reims).
June 30, 1429 Royal army passes near the town of Auxerre, which refuses to surrender to the King.
July 10, 1429 Surrender of Troyes.
July 14, 1429 Surrender of Châlons-en-Champagne.
July 16, 1429 Surrender of Reims.
July 17, 1429 Charles VII’s Coronation in the cathedral of Reims by the Grand Chancellor of France, Regnault de Chartres, duke and archbishop of Reims.
July 23, 1429 Surrender of Soissons.
July 27, 1429 Surrender of Château-Thierry.
August 15, 1429 Battle of Montépilloy.
September 5, 1429 Alençon and Joan attack the suburbs of Paris.
September 8, 1429 Joan is wounded during the assault of the Entrance Saint-Honoré.
September 10, 1429 French army raises the siege of Paris.
September 21, 1429 Dissolution of the royal army in Gien.
Octobre 1429 An army assembles in Bourges under Charles d'Albret's command.
November 4, 1429 Storming of Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier.
November 24, 1429 Siege of La Charité-sur-Loire.
December 25, 1429 French army raises the siege of La Charité-sur-Loire.
March 29, 1430 Joan leaves Sully to join an army of partisans at Melun and Lagny.
May 6, 1430 Joan enters in Compiègne.
May 11, 1430 Defeat in front of Soissons.
May 15, 1430 Return in Compiègne.
May 23, 1430 Joan is captured by the Burgundians during a sortie.
November 21, 1430 Joan is sold to the English by Jean de Luxembourg.
January to May 1431 Trial of condemnation of Joan (Trial of Condemnation)
July 17, 1453 Battle of Castillon finished the Hundred Years War.
1455-56 Trial of nullification of the condemnation (Trial of Nullification)

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